Prime Technology Group, LLC Announces Prime Financial Services

Prime Technology Group, LLC (PRIME), a global technology services company, is pleased to announce the release of its latest product on the cutting edge of business tech. Prime’s new financial services vertical offers the fastest, easiest, and most efficient tools in the market to support any financial institution’s performance.

Prime’s top-notch financial services include the best in information security, financial services, cloud computing, mobile application enterprises, risk management, IT growth, and risk management. With our other products, PRIME has built an outstanding reputation for providing business technology solutions that are quick to implement, easy to install, and fully equipped to customize their frameworks to best suit your individual needs. PRIME’s products are meant to have your business hit the ground running within months, and our new financial services vertical is no different.

Prime’s financial services support a number of highly advanced software options crafted specifically to help your financial institution gain and maintain the market lead. We offer compatibility with both Android and iOS, as well as provide a secure cloud framework, mobile application and device management, enterprise mobile management, big data analytics, market data research capabilities, and more.

The nature of data migration over the next few years means that your framework will need to be able to adapt to changes in security, analytics, and mobile applications. Prime’s financial cloud services provide tremendous security within a highly centralized framework, while our big data analytics solutions assist you in tackling both complex trading algorithms and easier levels of data exploration; our mobile application enterprise is fully primed to help your business operate with tech-savvy customers and other companies within social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies.

Meeting current and future industry standards while simultaneously reducing risk is the key to building trusted relationships with your customers — and, therefore, helping your business to soar! Prime’s financial vertical can help you achieve just that with the highly advanced tools and services you need to optimize your business’s long term impact and success. To learn more about what Prime can do to optimize your financial business, visit our website at Finance Banking Technology

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Prime Technology Group is a global technology services company, where innovation is the core of our business engagements. Headquartered in Wayne, PA, we have successfully orchestrated technology visions for our many diverse clients. How do we do this? Simply put, by listening to you. Prime develops flexible and customizable frameworks, driven by our robust R & D — the cornerstone of our solution offerings. Our portfolio includes the following practices:Cloud (Google PAAS, Microsoft Azure), Mobility (IBM Work Lite), Analytics (Big Data, Predictive Analysis), Telematics, and Quality Assurance. We have successfully helped leading companies in healthcare, insurance, life sciences, banking, financial services, and e-commerce. Our imprint has drastically improved client growth! We are Prime Technology Group . . . “Bringing visions to life.”

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