Discover How Predictive Analytics Can Enable Digital Transformation

We live in an age where access to accurate data and quick decision making has become a requirement for a successful business. In today’s highly unpredictable and competitive marketplace, effective decision making can mean the difference between achieving success or failure. Current business processes require the continuous flow of accurate and reliable information. The evolution of data analytics has accelerated decision making by removing the guesswork. However, analytics and data alone is it is not enough to make critical decisions. Rather, the secret of a successful business and making truly accurate decisions is having analytics that enable you to predict outcomes.

Predictive analytics is the process of analyzing current and historical facts in order to make predictions about the unknown. The process consists of a variety of statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modeling and machine learning. This helps to effectively guide mission-critical decision-making.

Prime brings decades of experience, delivers state-of-the-art and revolutionary predictive analytic solutions to its customers. The solutions provide rapid value by leveraging advanced and highly complex machine learning methods to analyze historical data, extract hidden patterns, trends and apply it to analyzing future data. The predictive analytics provides business decision makers with accurate and critical insights to keep up with the fast pace of business.

How predictive analytics is transforming various industries

Insurance industry

Predictive analytics helps insurance carriers understand and gain insights into the mindsets of their customers. This enables them to tailor financial products that are relevant and appealing to them, which in turn ensures their competitiveness.

Insurance organizations can realize the following benefits with Prime’s Predictive Analytics solutions:

  • Predictive analytics-driven automated workflows
  • Customize product and service offerings based on segment and price policies.
  • Insurance organizations can benefit from predictive analytics services in all claim areas including future claim events, fraudulent claims.
  • Predictive analytics lowers claims handling costs, quickly identifies outlier claims, and efficiently manages claims severity.

Financial services industry

Financial services institutions face many internal and external-oriented challenges, from product commoditization, increasing customer demands, increasing customer acquisition costs to fraud detection & prevention. Meeting these challenges requires accurate and actionable insights on different forms of risk, customer data, operating costs, revenues and various other parameters. Predictive analytics provides the necessary tools to overcome these challenges.

Financial Services organizations can realize the following benefits with Prime’s Predictive Analytics solutions:

  • Gain insights into your customer needs and market trends.
  • Evaluate what drives customer acquisition.
  • Improve customer churn prediction
  • Identify and maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Healthcare industry

For most healthcare institutions, improving patient outcomes and maintaining effective operating costs is mission critical to their operations and business. Current healthcare legacy infrastructure and decision support systems are struggling to keep up with the demands of these rising requirements. Healthcare institutions can leverage predictive analytics to improve patient outcomes. Physicians can leverage analytics to select the best treatment plan for their patients.

To summarize, predictive analytics present a valuable opportunity for organizations to gain a trusted, timely, actionable view of the data that matters. Its predictive analytics is critical to achieving optimal business decision making with accurate and easily accessible data.

Healthcare organizations can realize the following benefits with Prime’s Predictive Analytics solutions:

  • Improved accuracy of diagnosis
  • Provides physicians with answers they are seeking for individual's specific health needs
  • Employers and hospitals gain predictions into insurance product costs
  • Improving efficiencies for operational management of healthcare business
  • Accuracy of diagnosis and treatment in personal medicine
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