Patient Portal Systems

Patient Portal Systems

Prime understands that a better patient experience leads to better patient outcomes. Prime’s Patient Portal, Dossier, is the solution for organizations seeking to improve profitability in today’s challenging healthcare market. Dossier’s Patient Portal software provides a coordinated and customizable online patient communication framework that is capable of simultaneously connecting with multiple EHR and PBM systems. When working in conjunction with our Practice Management, Datalogue, and EMR solutions, PrimEMR, Dossier meets meaningful use Stage 1 and Stage 2 criteria.

Dossier provides:

  • EHR agnostic patient portal, works with any existing software
  • Better medication adherence and reconciliation
  • Customizable patient care reports with notifications
  • Online bill pay and financial management tools
  • Mobile responsive design for Tablets and Smartphones
  • Custom intake forms deposited to your EHR
  • Patient surveys and patient-centered data reporting

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