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Analytics for E-governance

Analytics for E-governance

The predictive model of public service provision is the result of public engagement and initiation of open government. Prime’s expertise lies in creating a framework for the evolving role of the government in the society, the technological enablement towards citizen engagement, as well as the utilization of data analytics enabled governance.

What Prime can do

  • Utilize new sources of data
  • Engage general public
  • Provide insights for enhanced governance
  • Provide value-for-money solutions

The evolution of Data Analytics over time has been accelerated by the introduction of predictive and prescriptive analytics. An analytical summary of past events is not enough for legislators and administrators to make crucial executive decisions. Decision makers, organizations, governments, etc. need tools to help them predict the future with reliable accuracy and speed in order to be well-equipped to face future changes, events, and even treats.

Predictive analytics uses advanced and highly complex machine learning methods to analyze historical data, extract hidden patterns and trends, and apply these patterns in analyzing future data. Prescriptive analytics is the final frontier in data analytics, right after predictive analytics. Once precise predictions have been made using predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics offers suggestions based on those predictions that can enhance decision-making. This combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics can spearhead efficient governance.

Predictive Analytics for E-Governance

Why Predictive Analytics:

  • Huge volumes of data become an asset
  • Recovering and prevention of improper payments reduce waste, fraud, and abuse
  • Use text analytics to streamline approvals of claims and benefits
  • Find important documents through e-discovery
  • Channelize resources to achieve maximum productivity
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