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Integration Engine

  • Deliver simplified, effective and reliable integrated healthcare information
  • Collect, analyze, exchange and use healthcare data to enhance patient care and cut down costs
  • Resolve care coordination gaps in interoperability across the U.S.
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Powerful interfacing solution that is simple to use

What would you do when communications are slow, incomplete, or missing between entities such as — patients and providers, primary-care physicians and specialists, central and remote locations, and so on? It is needless to say that the timeliness and quality of patient care suffer.

challenges-icon   Challenges

Significant care coordination gaps exist mainly due to the lack of interoperability between IT systems. Some of the other reasons include:

  • Healthcare IT’s role in transitioning patients between emergency departments (ED), acute care hospitals (ACH), skilled nursing facilities (SNF), and home health agencies (HHA) in settings across the US
  • Improvement of care coordination in the context of providing clinicians remote access to information, improving legibility, and allowing asynchronous communication, among other mechanisms
  • Facilitating organizations, care providers, patients, authorized public and private entities to access, use and exchange consistent patient care data for optimal care
  • Lack of legacy systems support hindering free flow of healthcare information across authorized parties and systems
  • Absence of meaningful collaboration, without information gaps, delays, or redundancies that could compromise quality
  • Lack of healthcare information access in desired format on choice of device

Prime’s HealthConnect Integration Engine fills this growing gap and addresses interoperability issues across multiple platforms and legacy systems. It is designed to collect, analyze, and share healthcare data in a rapidly deployable, secure, and trusted platform for all interconnected systems and parties.


features-icon   Features

  • High-performance & Throughput Messaging Engine guarantees message delivery with configurable parameters for archiving, filtering, routing, mapping and translations
  • Monitoring and Management made easy with an intuitive console that displays systems statuses, message states, non-operational system connections and interfaces
  • Proactive Notifications that always alert you on issues that may become critical to help you maintain high availability with minimal downtime
  • Real-time Dashboard view of engine health status for those on the move allows you to access the management console for more information
  • Transform and connect your data with communication points that can connect with any number of external systems using a wide range of open communication protocols
  • Define routes using messaging filters to control the flow of incoming and outgoing messages
  • Facilitates easy implementation of IHE profiles through Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) toolkit’s patient registries and repositories

benefits-icon   Benefits

  • Provides usable and actionable insights by collating healthcare information from various channels
  • Improves collaboration, engagement and quality of care for health professionals
  • Proactively tracks the health of your engine on the go
  • Allows easy configuration of new interfaces and user workflows
  • Indicates status of engines and their performance through convenient and configurable dashboards
  • Maintains transparency with healthcare providers, community service agents, care managers, patients and their families
  • Protects your healthcare data through HIPAA compliancy
Imagine the possibilities of true collaboration where one interface connects with healthcare systems to help exchange, share, and validate healthcare information for providing accurate, timely and safe patient care. The sooner you shift your focus towards collaborative solutions, integrated services and interoperable systems the better for you and for those who you serve.

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