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Insurance companies are continually seeking ways to improve their understanding of customer needs, mitigate risks at an organizational level, and comply with existing rules and regulations. Supporting these functions requires predictive analysis and enterprise reporting systems that can collate data from diverse sources into a data warehouse. However, legacy systems and outdated data formats and poor data quality can hinder effective warehousing. In the face of this, Prime can provide the efficient and standards-compliant data warehousing needed to transform and deliver the data that can help your business succeed.

Prime has proven expertise in providing industry-specific blueprints for Insurance Data Warehousing. This involves actuarial and financial data that has been consolidated or warehoused through multiple channels and products. Our industry-leading insurance data warehousing solutions comprise design models (including the star-schema dimensional model) and analysis templates that can enhance the quantity and quality of information gathered across multiple business functions.

Unique dimensional insurance data warehouse model

Our sustainable data warehousing solutions help you to capitalize on both new and existing data warehouses. This can drive superior business intelligence that enhances the bottom-line profitability of your company. Prime ensures that your organization has the accurate data it needs to drive your business – saving time, boosting productivity and increasing efficiency.

As a leading insurance data warehouse software vendor, Prime can assist you in adjusting to the changing business needs or your organization, offering you our actionable insights. Our solutions enable you to engage in making better data-driven business decisions.

Key capabilities of our insurance data warehouse solutions include:

  • Analysis templates and design models
  • Enterprise Data integration, modeling, and database management.
  • Data extraction, transformation, loading – ETL & DTL processes.
  • Framework for re-architecture/re-engineering services.
  • Data merging, migration and implementation.
  • Enhanced scrutiny to analyze fraud claims and abuse.
  • Pinpointing and isolating fraudulent claim payments.
  • Meeting all key agency and regulatory ratings.
  • Mitigating financial risks and improved understanding of your businesses.
  • Retaining customers, cross sell, and gain bottom-line profitability

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