Experience the power of low-code automation

Prime accelerates digital innovation by leveraging Appian’s low-code platform for efficient and rapid application development. Experience how Appian BPM, Low Code and AI platform can be combined with cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, cloud, blockchain, big data analytics and cognitive analytics. Prime's expertise in integrating these technologies take digital transformations to the next level. Fast changing technology and the accelerating pace of customer expectations are driving the need to quickly build applications easier and at a lower cost.

Prime has partnered with Appian to offer a low-code platform option that enables users to:

  • Deliver powerful business applications 20x faster than traditional development
  • Development in an environment through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming
  • Fewer resources required
  • Lower total cost of application ownership

Low-code automation platform features and benefits:

  • Full-stack Automation: Workflow, RPA bots, AI, business rules
  • Business Process Management Suite
  • Case Management Framework
  • Unify multiple systems from disparate locations without moving your data
  • Modernize existing applications
  • Move applications to the cloud
  • Achieve App Development 10-20x Faster than traditional development and with limited resources

What sets Prime Apart?

Appian Partnership

Prime partnered with Appian to offer the best low-code option to our customers. Prime helps organizations plan and execute the platform's implementation, as well as design and build custom applications on top of it to automate tasks and functions unique to your organization. The Appian platform merges business process management, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, data and integrations into intelligent automation. Through combining these features, the platform allows enterprises to automate their processes end-to-end and without any custom-coding.

Insurance Subject Matter Expertise

Prime has assisted leading insurers across North America, transforming their operations with process automation, for over 25 years. Our unmatched industry experience allows us to design, deploy, and support highly responsive solutions. We've combined our team of highly-skilled consultants and developers with Appian’s cutting-edge, affordable and low-maintenance platform. As a result, we're implementing solutions that effect digital change and revitalize insurance operations.Our team of BAs, architects, developers and QA engineers has a broad understanding of Appian technology space and experience in building high impact business applications for a variety of industries.

If inefficiencies in your claims handling are compounded by growing backlogs and paper-based or manual-intensive processes, Appian and Prime Solutions can transform your operations while leveraging your existing line-of-business systems. 

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