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Data visualization As more and more customer data becomes available, newer and more efficient solutions to acquire and interpret it are essential. At Prime, our expert staff brings together Business Intelligence analysts, software engineers and User Experience designers. Our inter-disciplinary teams can help you turn data into insight, and provide decision makers with the tools they need. Prime’s cross-functional services can help you:
  • Understand how data is used and consumed by your users.
  • Build a roadmap for data delivery.
  • Use data visualization tools to communicate with the right granularity and User Interface elements.
  • Effectively access and warehouse data.
  • Implement semantic layers and self-service Business Intelligence tools to inform future decisions.
  • Build distributed, scalable, and reliable data pipelines that ingest, process and analyze data at scale.
  • Perform analysis of large data sets using components from the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Involve in big data technologies and analytics to improve our data processing and analytics solutions.
Data analytics and business intelligence At Prime, our Data Analytics team is constantly researching analytic techniques including optimization, statistics, and queue-ing theory. We do this to improve processes, operational excellence, and provide our clients with the ability to use actionable, data-driven business insights to meet their business challenges. Prime’s in-depth domain knowledge in Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence is backed by a network of global delivery centers. We have successfully partnered with leading organizations across multiple industries, and we can help you implement a risk-aware, enterprise-wide analytics strategy that will drive continuous performance improvements. Whether you need a onetime engagement or on-going assistance, we can help you deploy analytics solutions in a way that is both efficient and cost-effective. Some of the distinctive Big Data techniques and services provided by our consultants include:
  • Generalization
  • Classification
  • Characterization
  • Clustering
  • Pattern Matching
  • Data Visualization
Slice and Dice To Gain Insight Big Data can help you optimize your organization’s performance through effective coordination, improving operational efficiencies, and increasing visibility. Prime can help you to make better strategic and operational decisions with solutions that bridge the gap between end-users, Business Intelligence and IT stakeholders. Whatever the industry or enterprise, we guarantee that our implemented solutions will achieve the required results. Prime provides industry-leading experts to ensure your business intelligence needs are met in three main service areas:
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Mining/OLAP
  • Data Management and Architecture
The need for a good data management and architecture is vital, yet most information technology leaders admit that there is an unmet need for improvement. Industry research and surveys of Chief Information Officers (CIO) reveal that many CIOs have been unsuccessful in engaging and implementing a holistic data-driven decision making strategy. Prime’s Data Management/Architecture services can help to empower organizations, allowing them to harness Big Data to become more customer-focused and profitable. We help businesses assess, collect, maintain, analyze, and disseminate information using advanced data warehousing and decision support tools. We can also help architect and design databases, create data migration processes, and develop customized reports to meet the needs of your business. To explore Prime’s services ranging from Data Analytics to Business Intelligence solutions, contact us today!

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