Ultra Security Framework: IronCloud

IronCloud overview

Best-in-Breed Software Technology for Cyber Security :

  • Secure and verifiable information storage and transfer, and protection of information networks.

Security applications that ”follow” files / data wherever they reside or travel.

Once protected by USP — always protected in any environment :

  • Works with existing/in-place systems – no additional investment.
  • Mainframes, servers, PCs, laptops, mobile devices.
  • Provides total protection inside and outside of firewall and in the cloud.
  • Confidently know that your confidential information and communications are not readable even when they fall into the wrong hands.

Revolutionary protection process much more than just encryption

”Locks” files and ”wraps” a protective carrier around them.

Carrier provides ”restrictive redistribution.” :

  • Duplication or distribution allowed only in accordance with business rules
  • Is transparent to users
  • No system degradation
  • Hardware and software neutral

File access allowed to only properly authenticated users having ALL of the following verifications:

  • User identification and password
  • User computer’s Media Access Control (MAC) address
  • User Biometric signatures (e.g., fingerprints, retinal scan, facial recognition, etc.)

Information storage and transfer multiple users flow

Information distribution ”One way” content flow

Opportunities for users :

  • Creates trusted confidential information networks
    • Large-scale geographically dispersed operations
    • Small highly sensitive networks
  • Interconnecting partners
    • Inter and Intra-company
    • Inter and Intra-agency/government department
  • Easily scalable/practical
    • Uses only existing devices and IT infrastructure
    • Predictable, repeatable outcomes
    • Incorporates customizable protections
    • Information is never left in an unprotected state
  • Promotes interoperability
    • For Multi-User communications and networking systems
    • Low cost implementation and ”Net/Cloud-centric”
  • Provides trusted distribution for content
    • ”One-Way” protection to clients / users

USP solution matrix

  • Prime Verticals

    • Financial, Banking Systems

      Financial Services

      Powerful applications to accelerate your institution.

    • Healthcare IT Solutions


      Trusted technology for practices, hospitals and telemedicine.

    • Insurance Software Solutions


      Industry experience meets world-class consulting.