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Prime is a certified Salesforce Partner, with extensive experience in Salesforce integration and customization of over a decade. Our Salesforce implementation services include development, administration, integration, Salesforce analytics, Support automation & analytics and security, monitoring & compliance. Our implementation of Salesforce spans multiple domains, including Finance, Healthcare and Entertainment.

Sales Cloud

Achieve end-to-end management of opportunities, contacts, leads in real time, on the web. Integrate social media presence with customer information and interactions to nurture leads, manage campaigns and gain insights using the CRM’s analytics and forecasting functions.

Service Cloud

Create an unmatched customer experience using the CRM’s many features, solving customer problems, providing support and answers where needed and personalizing a customer’s journey to win customer loyalty like never before.

Analytics Cloud

Using Wave analytics, enjoy access to customized state-of-the-art Lenses and Dashboards which allow your executive teams to derive insights based on millions of data records to take informed decisions, backed by real-time data.

Community Cloud

Facilitate amazing digitally enabled communication across stakeholders by connecting everyone in the community to enable deeper interactions to drive sales as well as employee productivity through online collaboration.

Marketing Cloud

Enjoy using a whole range of effective marketing tools to create unique customer journeys using personalized emails and web content, mobile messages, sales and service, ad campaigns to improve customer acquisition. Leverage Email, Social and Advertising studios to capture the pulse of the audience across various platforms and connect social to marketing to engage your buyers with brand messaging every step of the way.

Do read the following case studies to know more about how we helped our customers succeed.

We partner with you during the entire process to customize any feature you may have on your wish list and ensure that you are able to achieve all of the following:

  • An excellent delivery platform on-premise and on the cloud
  • Deliver a great customer experience to improve sales
  • Create a great work atmosphere
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Our Customer Stories

Salesforce Implementation for a Leading Music Company with a Subscriber base of over 40 million


The client had no knowledge of the value brought to a business by a CRM and did not adopt a global CRM, which resulted in a lack of accountability, strategy and ownership across this multinational enterprise. This resulted in a number of issues for the business. There was minimal to no email communication with its artists and subscribers. Fan data was spread across multiple, disparate sources like Next Big Sound, Adobe Campaign, Google Analytics and Marketing Dashboard. Their existing CRM database adopted a ‘batch and blast’ approach without using segmentation models. They lacked development or licensing of new CRM tools (e.g. social data capture, preference center, surveys & Progressive profiling). There was no automation or test and learn strategy.


The client called us in for an enterprise-wide Salesforce implementation. This required the seam less integration of structured and unstructured data records of over 40 million subscribers. The data was migrated from the client’s existing commerce platform into the database of Connectivity between and the Marketing Cloud was enabled, using Journey Builder as well as standard data connectors. Advance business analytics were configured using Salesforce’s Analytics Cloud, enabling the client to engage better with their customer base.

Outcome and Benefits

After the implementation, the client is now able to:

  • Plan, personalize, optimize and map individual customer journeys across the various devices and social channels preferred by them, through all stages of the customer lifecycle.
  • The client can leverage the insights gained from its massive fan database to make informed and strategic business decisions, anytime and anywhere.

Salesforce Implementation for a Major Healthcare Provider


Our client was a major Provider of Healthcare Delivery and Management Services who served about 3 million patients when they realized that there was a lack of for context-driven patient experience in their operations. The client did not adopt a CRM as they did not realize the benefits it offered them by way of accountability, ownership, strategic direction and value it offered a business. Their large volume of patient influx required a great deal of intervention from their staff members, resulting in a chaotic program delivery which failed to effectively track a given patient’s condition and the process of their recovery.


The client called us in for an enterprise-wide Salesforce implementation. This required us to migrate the data pertaining to over 3 million patients and enable the patient records from disparate system to be stored on the cloud, as a single resource.

Outcome and Benefits

The implementation resulted in highly automated processes, and our customer reported the following benefits:

  • 50% reduction in operational costs
  • Critical reference information from disparate systems was combined to form a single resource, which was accessible on the cloud
  • Entire care teams gained access to consistent and reliable information
  • Better clinical decision support system with reduction in misdiagnoses and medication errors
  • Better visibility, productivity, time and tasks management
  • Improved security standards and better regulatory compliance
  • A dashboard view of key business metrics