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Designed a novel ensemble approach for reducing false alarm rates for critical arrhythmia in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) by using physiological indicators that can help the healthcare clinical staff to increase the quality of care for the patient in a coronary care unit.


Periventricular Leukomalacia


Diabetic Readmission Decision


ICU Outcomes


Reducing False Arrhythmia
Alarm in ICU

Predictive Analytics

Wanted- Structured Data!

We’re here to help you with Prime’s Predictive Analytics Framework! We develop client-specific predictive analytic solutions, providing timely and accurate methods in extracting and identifying the hidden data patterns in complex business problems.

How Does It Work?

Our innovative and proprietary algorithm is a powerful combination of machine learning, computational modelling, physics based modelling, non-linear dynamics, time scale analysis, and subject matter expertise. Integrating non-linear systems modelling, staff expertise, and machine learning techniques within a unified framework, our formula creates a highly accurate and informative system fully customizable for your individual business.

The Prime Solution

Our machine learning-based models convert a priori understanding of processes under study into a set of mathematical equations. These models then take advantage of intricate feature extraction techniques, specially developed to offer a comprehensive solution for your predictive analytics needs.

Sound complicated? It is! Let us do it for you with our five-step approach:

  • Sort Data Sets. We collect large datasets, unbalanced datasets, heterogeneous data, or data specific to your industry.
  • Map Touch Points. We take your datasets and connect it all together.
  • Automate. We start small and ramp it up as you select and customize the data you want to obtain.
  • Analyze…
  • … and Optimize! Visualize your data in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

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Prime’s Algorithm featured on Ted Talk: Dr. C. Nat, “How Engineers Can Help Doctors Save Lives” dr_Nats

Dr. C. Nataraj, Ph.D.