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Prescription Benefits

Paying for prescription drugs can be a challenge. This is why Prime provides Prescription Benefits Plans (PBP) that you can use with confidence. Our innovative Prescription Benefits software embraces Rx4, Rx4 + and Deductible plans. For high deductible wellness programs/health plans, prescription benefits are incorporated with the medical plan. Prime’s pharmacy benefits and services make it easier for you to create the best options for your healthcare and budget.

Outstanding prescription benefits, delivered

We want you to stay healthy, that’s why we make every effort to ensure our prescription benefits software meet your needs. At Prime, our objective is to provide a range of services that result in outstanding patient health, member service and delivers excellent benefits account management.

Prime brings together complete, full-service and clinically-based medical Pharmacy Prescription Solutions plans for you. Our prescription software for doctors offers innovation and flexibility that promote positive results for patients and healthcare workers.

These are your benefits and they are designed to serve your needs. At Prime, we understand that saving time and money on refill is important to you, so help you to manage your medicines is a necessary part of our remedial customer service.

Prescription benefits software for doctors

Prime provides pharmacy prescription solutions for doctors that work with the prescription benefits management plans of their patients and customers. Our prescription benefits software exceeds, or is equal to, any standard benefits operations prescription system on the market. Our prescription software solutions are safe, secure, standards compliant, and provide real-time high-volume transaction oriented data that can be used by doctors, medical practitioners, hospitals, and other stakeholders.

Our prescription benefits software applications enable healthcare professionals to electronically access secure information to dispense prescription benefits to customers. Our innovative pharmacy prescription solutions allow our clients to:

  • Electronically order and prescribe drugs
  • Streamline workflow, by sending and approving prescriptions digitally
  • Easily review medication interactions and patient allergy lists
  • Easily view patient’s current medications and history
  • Update patient formulary
  • Avoid fraud risks
  • Connect to one or more pharmacy
  • Rapidly track and exchange information
  • Perform final review and sign prescriptions
  • Reduce paperwork and reduce in medication errors

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